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Price range: €2500 - €50000

Length: 150cm - 1000cm

Width: 150cm - 1000cm

Capacity: 2 - 20

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Square shape
Round or corner shape
The Aptos™ Spa incorporates a circular open interior, spacious footwell, a turbo whirlpool jet and a no-jet cool down seat for relaxing.
The Monterey has been newly redesigned to feature a molded-in ICE BUCKET, seating for seven and 25 hydrotherapy jets, including a seven-port foot jet. Available in Espresso, it will complement any backyard setting.
Swirling hot water provides relaxation and rejuvenation for your soul, while the subtleties of the design capture your unique sense of style. Plus, minimal set-up requirements make getting into hot water easier than you think. Like a bolt of lightning you are ready in a flash - for whatever the world sends your way.
Do you ever ignore your heart and let your head make all the decisions. Now you can act upon your heart and still satisfy that voice in your head. Made for those who value simplicity yet appreciate the worth of true craftsmanship, advanced technology and superior features. Bask in the warmth of the Glow hot tub.
Every once in a while, something comes along made just for you. With a style that says something about the way you live, the values you hold and the lifestyle you have created. Amenities that wrap you up and hold you tight. And dynamic features that make an experience, an “experience”. All at a value that makes perfect sense. That is what the Flair hot tub is all about.
Come together with family and friends or take in the day with a loved one in the luxury of two lounge seats. The Pulse DL (Double Lounge) does it in style and with indulging features that always deliver. Lay back and let go in the warmth and comfort of your own private retreat.
Uniquely designed seating with room for up to 8 people makes this spa perfect for connecting to the people who matter most. In addition to the signature Raio lighting system, the Gleam features multi-colour exterior lighting – great for creating ambience anytime you are outside. Let the fun begin for the whole family with the Gleam hot tub in your garden.
The Grandee Spa, with its expansive, Barrier-Free design, provides plenty of room for a party of seven. Two Moto-Massage® DX jets let two people enjoy a terrific back massage at the same time. The BellaFontana® hot tub water feature adds to the overall ambiance, with three illuminated arcs of water where color dances.
The Envoy spa delivers outstanding performance with 39 jets, including the Moto-Massage® DX jet, and two 2.0 horsepower jet pumps. A comfortable hot tub lounge and a recliner seat with wrist and calf jets soothe and refresh. The three JetStream® jets in the FootWell® system provide exceptional foot therapy. Advanced Tri-X® filters keep the spa water clear and fresh.
The Vanguard spa is extremely energy efficient. This hot tub features a single Moto-Massage® jet and a Moto-Massage® DX jet, each complemented by a Quartet® jet system, to soothe your neck, shoulders and back. Its comfortable seating, styled armrests, and SoothingStream® water feature provide maximum relaxation.
The Aria™ demonstrates Hot Spring® Spas’ commitment to continued excellence. It includes Hot Spring exclusives like the Moto-Massage™ DX jet and the advanced technology of our Tri-X™ filters, along with special features like Precision jets in the calf area of the lounge for enhanced hydromassage. The Aria spa's sleek cabinet profile adds contemporary flair to any outdoor space.
Roomy enough to treat you and five friends like royalty, the contemporary styling of the Sovereign spa makes a beautiful addition to anyone's castle. Its extra-long lounge, expansive Barrier-Free seating, extensive jet variety and SoothingStream™ hot tub water feature deliver a regal spa experience.
A spacious five-person spa, the Prodigy features a variety of jet configurations in six seating locations. From the soft yet penetrating full back massage of ten Precision® jets, to the invigorating lower back massage of a powerful JetStream® jet, a customized hydromassage experience awaits.
The Jetsetter spa is perfect for one, two or three users. The lounge seat has a Moto-Massage® DX jet for your back, Precision® jets for your neck and shoulders, and a JetStream® jet for your feet so you can relax in style. Two Jet-Cluster™ systems in this hot tub provide additional hydromassage options.
If you want a quality spa that fits easily into a small space, consider the SX small hot tub and TX corner hot tub models.
If you want a quality spa that fits easily into a small space, consider the SX small hot tub and TX corner hot tub models.
213cm x 165cm x 74cm
The Tempo, Relay and Rhythm spas are our most fully-featured Hot Spot models with quality details that will provide years of pleasure and pride of ownership.
The Tempo, Relay and Rhythm spas are our most fully-featured Hot Spot models with quality details that will provide years of pleasure and pride of ownership.
The sport range at Swim Spa by Aquavia Spa represents a revolution in physical exercise in the home. The spas have areas for hydrotherapy and swimming, sports training, physical fitness, recovering from injury, and, of course, children’s games.
The 4-seater Barcelona spa has a sophisticated design, a complete massage circuit and many excellent, small details in its finishes that transform it into an object of desire for the most demanding domestic and residential clients.
The impressive 4-seater Barcelona Commercial spa has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. In its design and development, cutting-edge technology has been used in order to offer the most efficient spa with a modern, up-to-date design.
Izaro is a 7-seater spa, designed for commercial or group use, and providing a luxury, relaxing atmosphere in the wellness area of an establishment.
Bali spa with a diameter of 3 metres, has up to 9 places. Spa users can sit comfortably, enjoying the power of the jets and air nozzles located at their backs and feet.
The 7-seater Antigua offers a complete hydrotherapy treatment circuit, in addition to the colour therapy option to extend the establishment’s offering.
A 5-seater spa with a diameter of 2.3 metres and a headrest to maintain the water level and flow constant. Its elegant, modern design is a result of the application of cutting-edge technology aimed at completely satisfying the expectations of users.
An impressive 10-seater spa, Hydra has been designed to meet the needs of hotel establishments, sports facilities, clinics for beauty treatment and natural medicine, and public areas in luxury residential areas.
This 6-seater spa, with a diameter of 2.5 metres, fitted into flooring and covered by glass tiles in four different shades, brings a distinctly daring touch to a wellness area. The Oasis 40 is an overflow spa and is easy to install.
The commercial Martinique spa, with a diameter of 2.5 metres is the most popular spa in the range of jacuzzis for commercial and public use. Designed to seat 6 people, it can easily be installed indoors or outdoors in a public or private area.